53 phrases in Italian about love (romantic phrases to melt your heart) (2023)

So you recently started a relationship with an Italian girl, or maybe you've been seeing her for a while. She's smart, loves to laugh, and most importantly, she makes you feel whole. Until now, she has always spoken in English, but now she would like to go a step further and learn the basics of her main language.

53 phrases in Italian about love (romantic phrases to melt your heart) (1)

The reason we're here? To help you, of course! Our post, in particular, focuses on Italian phrases that you can use to express love and affection. We've included 53 complete sentences, but you'll also find pet names and other things.

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italian proverbs about love

Gentleman Within's goal is to create guides that everyone can read, even those who don't know the Italian language.

For most people, learning a new language can be challenging. What is the hardest thing for a non-native speaker to do? Assign the correct meaning to everyday words. In Italian, you can find hundreds of common terms with different shades of meaning. Therefore, it is difficult to understand how they should be translated when placed in a specific context.

To help you get into the groove, we've created a logical outline. First, we rank Italian phrases by meaning. (Yes, if you're flipping through the article to learn how to say I love you in Italian, you need to scroll halfway through the post.)

We not only create a list by putting phrases that express deeper feelings at the end, but we also try to distinguish between clichés and original phrases. Again, you'll find the clichés at the top, while you'll have to scroll down to find the most impressive ones. Finally, we created five separate categories, each representing different stages of each relationship.

The five categories include:

  • Phrases you should never use in a romantic relationship
  • Phrases you can use in the early stages of a relationship
  • Phrases to express your feelings of love
  • Things you can say at any stage of your relationship
  • Perfect words to propose to your girlfriend.

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3 Italian Terms You Should Never Use When Referring To Your Girlfriend (And 5 You Can Replace Them)

We know; Blog posts of this nature usually begin by introducing the basics of the language.

Don't worry, soon we will teach you how to say I like in Italian and many other romantic phrases. However, we believe that identifying outdated terms to avoid is a priority.

Prohibidos "honey", "dear" y "my heart"

Before writing this article, we did some research. And we found some blogs that claim that you can address your loved one with one of the following expressions:

  • Tesoro;
  • cara;
  • My heart.

There is no doubt that these terms have been used by the vast majority of Italians in the past. However, it is no longer in fashion.

To be honest, Cara still exists, but you can only call your partner that if you've been married for 30 years. Also, this term is considered quite snobbish and is used only by the elite.

Treasure is also popular to some extent, but it is used in other contexts. For example, in Italy people often use this word to refer to close friends. For an Italian, sending a friend a text saying "come stai tesoro?" ("How are you, my love?") is perfectly normal.

Some publications also dedicated a few words to the nicknames. These articles, in particular, claimed that pet names went out of style. But that is not all. In fact, some writers have argued that if you really want to use one, you should choose "biscottino," which is the Italian word for "pasta."

Antenna! For starters, in Italy couples still use nicknames. However, they don't use ready-made, preferring instead to create something that fits in a glove. So forget about the biscottino, because you'll only hear it in the movies.

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If you like pet names, choose one of these

So how should you approach your better half? As we already said, the best thing to do is to ask him if he likes pet names or not. And if he says yes, create one yourself. If you are not so creative, you can alternatively try some classics like:

  • paseroto (small bird);
  • topolino (mouse);
  • father (baby);
  • Little baby);
  • potato (honey).

You can introduce the topic by saying "Posso chiamarti xxx?", which means "Can I call you xxx?". Of course, those x's are just a placeholder, so remember to replace them with one of the aliases we mentioned above!

Just a note before we go any further: tata, piccola and patata are only suitable if you are in your teens or early twenties. Calling a woman 30 or 40 is a bit embarrassing. The best option when you grow up? If you're serious about the girl, just say "love."

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How do you say I like you in Italian?

The basics

Now that you know what words you should never use to address your other half, it's time to move on to something more interesting. That is, some short phrases that you can use to express your interest in the girl/woman you are dating.

Let's imagine a scenario. You and the girl dated 4 or 5 times, so it's too early to say that you'repassionate. However, you can tell that there is something different about her.

You still have no idea if this is just physical attraction or something more, but you know you like it. And you have the feeling that he is responding. How to confess to her? If you don't have knowledge of the Italian language, you can simply say "mi piaci", which means "I like you".

If you want to make a good impression, use these phrases

To be honest, "mi piaci" is a weak statement. It's true, in many countries, saying I like you is enough to express affection. And in Italy there are reserved people who prefer to say little.

However, for many Italians it is necessary to talk about their feelings. So if you really like the person you are dating, then you need to add something to that sentence. How to make prayer strong? Just add "molto" to the end of the sentence.

Are you a language learning professional? Then you can come clean and ask her out on another date. Just say "Mi piaci molto, pode rivederti?". If he's excited for you, there's no way he's going to say no.

"Attratto" and "attrazione" are not the correct terms to convey romantic feelings

As we wrote earlier, before creating this guide, we surfed the Internet and read some posts dedicated to the Italian language. And we couldn't help noticing that some articles gave the wrong meaning to the expression "Sono attratto da te". These particular posts claim that you can use the above phrase to express romantic feelings.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. This particular phrase is only used to express a strong physical attraction. Usually the phrase that follows is "Vorrei fare l'amore con te", which means "I want to make love to you".

53 phrases in Italian about love (romantic phrases to melt your heart) (4)

It's not enough to say I like you

4 phrases in Italian to tell your partner that they are special

Finally, it's time for the hot stuff. Below you will find some Italian phrases that you can use to say that your love has a special place in your heart.

I really care for you

It means "I really care about you." Although not a declaration of love, this sentence still has a deep meaning. It is true that Italians can also say these words to their ownclose friends. However, when he tells his expert, there is no mistaking the meaning behind them.

Are special to me

What it means this sentence? The literal translation is "You are very special to me." This sentence is beautiful, but it is somewhere in the middle. We like it because it suggests that you have feelings for this person, but it doesn't give away too much. Would you like to make it more powerful? Then choose this version: "voglio che tu sappia che per me sei speciale".

You are my princess

It means "you are my little princess". Some men use this phrase on first dates, but those who do are considered Latino lovers and are not trusted by anyone. So we suggest you go out with the girl for some time before telling her. How long should you wait before telling your princess how you feel about her?

There is no set timeframe, but we think 2-3 months is a good range.

Another caveat: "principessa" is a cute nickname, so we suggest using it as piccole dosi. It is true that some girls love compliments. However, it's best to save it for special occasions, because that way you'll let your girlfriend know that you really mean it.

For example, you can use this term in romantic encounters. Think about it: you show up at her house with a huge bouquet of her favorite flowers. So you surprise her by taking her to the fanciest restaurant in town. There's no way you won't be impressed!

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And when he asks you why you did it, you can answer using one of the following expressions:

  • "I did it because you are my princess"

Which means "I did it because you're my little princess."

  • "I did it because my princess deserves the best"

This translates to "I did it because my little princess won."

  • "I did it because my princess was sad"

The meaning is "I did it because I don't want my princess to cry". Of course, this phrase is only appropriate if you know that your specialist has had a bad day, so only use it in those cases.

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How to tell him that he makes you feel good

declare your interestHaving a special place in your heart is essential. But we think it's also important to tell him how you feel. So here are 9 phrases you can use to express what's on your mind.

when you smile the sun rises

The literal meaning is "when you smile, the sun rises". It's quite a funny line, but we think every girl would be happy to hear it. Our suggestion? Use it in small doses!

You make Me Feel good

These are words that people often use at the beginning of the relationship. The reason Italians like this phrase is that it doesn't have a strong connotation. And yet, he is able to convey to the other person that he would like to spend more time with him.

How does this translate to the English you speak? Well, this phrase means "you make me feel good".

You're the only one I can be myself with

Without a doubt, this line is a little stronger than the previous one. What does it mean? This translates to "you're the only one who makes me feel comfortable." You can also translate it as "when I'm around you, I can be myself."

I've been thinking about you all day

It literally means "I've been thinking about you all day." We think this is one of the best phrases you can say when the relationship is developing, don't you?

All I do is think of you

You can translate it as "all I can think about is you" or "I can't stop thinking about you". A true classic to wear when you're ready to confess to your specialist.

Spending time with you is all I need

People use this phrase when they want to tell the other person that they make a difference. As these words have deep meaning, it is not easy to translate them into English. However, we think that "all I want is to spend time with you" is a good translation.

If you don't really like that phrase, you can choose something similar, like "stare con te è tutto ciò di cui ho bisogno" (All I need is to be with you).

without you the day never passes

So far, we've talked about things you can say on a date. That is, words to be said during a face-to-face meeting. However, some sentences have more impact when they are written. This is the case of the previous sentence.

How to make your better half smile from the heart? In our opinion, these words should be used to cheer your girlfriend up if you have to spend time apart. If, for example, at the end of the day she sends you a WhatsApp message complaining that she is alone, you can reply with this phrase. Alternatively, you can also say these words to him during a video call.

I do not want to be without you

It means "I don't want to break up." As you can imagine, this phrase should only be used in special cases. We agree, it is a powerful phrase and you can also say it to your partner when you are looking at the stars. However, using it in special circumstances makes it even more effective.

Picture this scene in your head: You have to take time off because of your job. So you decided to have one last date before breaking up. They walk hand in hand, but the mood is strange.

To let her know that you are going to miss her, you can say "non voglio stare senza di te" while looking into her eyes. Totally romantic, right?

you drive me crazy

It translates as "you drive me crazy". To be honest, this phrase is a bit dated. Also, these words are very familiar and people often say them between kisses. However, if all you can think about is your girlfriend, we allow you to use that phrase from time to time.

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If you just want to tell her that you love her, stop here.

Ok, we think we've provided enough tools for you to say you like it. Now is the time to come down to reality and learn how to express love in Italian.

I'm in love with you

It literally means "I'm in love with you". If you have not yet confessed to someone that you love them, this is the right phrase to do so.

Would you like the confession to be even more dramatic? Then you can add an introduction! Can you both say:

  • "There's something I need to tell you"
    (There's something I need to tell you)
  • or "I have something important to tell you"
    (I have something important to tell you)

thank you for existing

It is true that this is a phrase that you can use to thank your friends when they help you. In fact, you can also use it to please your relatives.

However, most of the time Italians use it to refer to someone special. When should you say these words to your partner? In fact, any time is right.

Did thinking about her make you forget about a bad day at work? Tell him and end your story with a "grazie di esistere". Do you have back pain and relieve stress with a massage? A "grazie di esistere" will make you smile from the heart.

What would I do if you weren't there?

It translates as "what would I do without you". As you can imagine, this phrase is only appropriate in certain situations. For example, you can say these words to thank your loved one when they make you happy or give you valuable advice. Otherwise, you can use this phrase when helping to solve a financial problem.

I love you

Wow! Finally, we came up with the simplest expression that you can use to say I love you in Italian.

"Ti amo" is quite different from "sono innamorato di te". While the latter can only be used to profess your love once, you can say "what the hell" whenever you want.

Does your partner seem to be jealous of your colleague and want to reassure her that she is right for you? She tries to convey it to her by kissing her and saying "what the hell". Did your lover make you laugh out loud and her joke make you believe that she is important to you? Let him know by saying "what's up."

If you want to make these words even sweeter, you can add a pet's name. Ready for a test?

Hold your partner in your arms, look into his eyes and say "ti amo, passerotto". Guaranteed success!

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I love you more than my life

In our opinion, this phrase is only good if you have been in a relationship for months (or even years). You could translate it as "you are the love of my life", but actually this phrase means more than that.

I love you to death / I love you to death

In English, everyday words are enough to express your feelings. For example, if you want his partner to know that you have never loved someone like him, you can simply choose "I love you so much." We don't lie. Can you translate "I love you so much" into Italian? The problem is that the effect is quite weak, so if you use this version, your lady will most likely not be impressed at all.

The version we have chosen, on the other hand, is quite dramatic. This phrase actually implies that your girlfriend makes you so happy that you might die (or go crazy). Exaggerated? He can. But Italians like it that way.

I love everything about you, even your flaws.

You can translate it as "I love everything about you", but these words have a deeper meaning. In fact, the person who says this phrase does it to minimize the imperfections of the other party. Paraphrasing, with these words you want to tell your girlfriend that her flaws are so funny that you like them too.

If you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy, you probably remember the time Jackson told April, "I love everything about you, even the things I don't like." The Italian phrase that we suggest is a bit like the one the doctor used to confess her feelings and stop April's marriage.

I would die without you

Do you remember what we said about the phrase "ti amo da morire"? Well, this specific concept also applies to this case. In English, when you want to tell your girlfriend that you don't want to break up with her, just choose "I'd be lost without you."

Italians tend to experience their own emotions more intensely. Therefore, the word loser is not enough to convey your feelings. Instead, an Italian would always refer to the romantic hero who dies of love.

You are the reason I smile in the morning.

Using our own words, we could translate it as "You are the reason I smile every day." This phrase, however, has a deeper meaning. In particular, these words tell your girlfriend that she is what gives you strength and helps you get out of bed.

You are my first thought in the morning and the last at night

How to translate into English? Well, in our opinion, the best version is "you are my first thought in the morning, my last thought before bed, and pretty much everything in between."

All I want is to live with you

This is the Italian translation of "all I want is to live with you". If you've been dating for a while and you want to ask your girlfriend to move in with you, these are the perfect words for that.

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I want to grow old with you

The meaning is "I want to grow old with you." Unlike the previous sentence, this is not a statement of intent. Whoever says these words, in fact, is not asking the other party for anything, but only wants them to continue sharing life together. We like it because it is an expression used by young and mature couples.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you

It means "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." It's like "Tutto quello che voglio è vivere insieme a te". However, Italians often use the above phrase when they want to make a proposal. All in all, if you want to dive in, these are the right words to pair a ring with the phrase "Vuoi dintare mia moglie?"

You changed my life

The English translation is easy. This phrase actually means "you changed my life."

Of course, these are the words you should say to your girlfriend if you've been dating for a while. Also, it's something you should only say if you really want to.

Finally, these are strong words, so we recommend using them only in special cases. If you don't like the sound of this sentence, you can choose "stare insieme a te mi ha cambiato la vita".

you make my life bright

In our opinion, this is one of the best Italian love quotes ever. The problem is that there is no English translation that does justice to this romantic saying. However, using our own words, we could translate it as "you make my life worth living".

Don't like this version? So you can choose "you make my life brighter" or "you make my day".

you are the reason i live

It literally means "you are the reason I live". People who don't know the Italian language may find this a toxic phrase that emphasizes how dependent you are on the other person.

However, this is not the case. Italians, in fact, only use this phrase to express how deeply rooted their feelings are.

Having you by my side is the best gift I could receive.

If we had to create a table with the best Italian love phrases, this would be in second place. How to translate it into English? "Having you by my side is the best thing I could wish for."

The most beautiful thing that exists is sharing my life with you

This sentence is similar to the previous one, but we cannot say which is better. Using our own words, we could translate it as "spending my life with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me". One of the most romantic proposals in history, don't you think?

53 phrases in Italian about love (romantic phrases to melt your heart) (9)

Phrases in Italian that you can use at any stage of your relationship

When writing this post, we tried to give a certain flavor to each sentence and, depending on how it was categorized, include it in one paragraph or another. The truth is that sometimes words do not follow a logical pattern. That is why we decided to create a section that will contain phrases that you can say at each stage of your relationship.

I could look at you all day

It literally means "I could look at you all day". This phrase is similar to "ti ho Pensata tutto il giorno", but it has a deeper meaning. Therefore, we recommend using it if you have been dating for a while.

When to say these words to your loved one? In our opinion, the best option is to use it when you catch your partner doing something they love. For example, if she likes to read or draw and you find her engrossed while you're with her.hobbyIt's the right time to say it.

You are so beautiful that I never get tired of looking at you

Do you think your partner is the most beautiful thing in the world and would you like to look at it all day? Then use this sentence to update it.

I can't wait to hold you in my arms

It's the Italian translation of "I can't wait to hold you in my arms." Why do we like this phrase? Because it is easy to learn and can transmit all your passion.

I miss the sound of your voice

There are times when you may have to part with your loved one. It does not matter if it is a business trip or a study trip. all you know is that you miss him. How to report it? Tell your loved one the words above that mean "I miss your voice."

you are so beautiful when you smile

Imagine the scene: she appears at your house completely upset. She maybe she had a bad day at work or she had a fight with someone. The first thing you should do is, of course, comfort her. Then, when the storm passes and he smiles again, you can say the previous words to him. You'll see, you'll make her laugh a lot!

Runaway together

This is something you tend to say early on in the relationship. The Spanish translation is "huyamos", but it has a deeper meaning. More specifically, it is used to suggest a romantic getaway. Other romantic ways to suggest a romantic weekend together could be 'Fuggiamo via di qui, soli io e te'.

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Phrases in Italian to propose to your girlfriend

Well, compared to the others, this section is not too long. However, since this post was about romantic quotes, there was no way not to teach how to propose.his friend. Well, here are three suggestions that she can use to get her to say yes.

Will you marry me?

It literally means "will you marry me?" A classic phrase suitable for all those lovers of traditions.

Do you want to be my wife;

It only has two more words, but it's probably even more impressive than the last one. The reason why we like it? It is short and easy to remember.

marry me and you will make me the happiest man in the world

Yes, we know that it is bigger than others and it can be difficult for beginners to learn. However, we believe in you. Can!

The concept? It's the Italian translation of "Just say yes and I'll be the happiest man alive."

53 phrases in Italian about love (romantic phrases to melt your heart) (11)

What is your favorite Italian phrase about love?

Let's continue the discussion onGentlemen of the private Facebook community.

I can't wait to see you there.


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What are some famous Italian sayings about love? ›

What Are Some Italian Quotes About Love?
English TranslationItalian
Love is a journey not a destination.L'amore è un viaggio non una destinazione
If I know what love is, it is because of youSe so cos'è l'amore, è grazie a te
I'm much more me when I'm with youIo sono me stesso molto di più quando sto con te
5 more rows

How do Italians express their love? ›

Other Italian phrases to express love besides "ti amo" include "ti adoro" (I adore you), "sei la mia vita" (you are my life), and "ti voglio tanto bene" (I love you very much).

What is a short and sweet Italian quote? ›

Short-but-sweet romantic Italian phrases
  • Per sempre tua. Nothing sounds more romantic than telling someone that you are forever theirs. ...
  • Pazza di te. ...
  • Sei bellissima. ...
  • Amore mio. ...
  • Siamo fatti l'uno all'atra. ...
  • Sei piu bella di un angelo. ...
  • Il tuo sorriso e'il sole della mia vita. ...
  • Voglio passare il resto della mia.
Jul 25, 2018

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La dolce vita (the sweet, good life) is never far away, which is why we are now giving you 7 Italian sayings to use on vacation, for example.


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