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Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (1)

Luxury Sea Excursions operating from Portree, Isle of Skye. Explore this stunning coastline from the water in the comfort of the purpose-built 40-foot MV Seaflower catamaran.

Full day or part of the day possible. Join us for a lunch of locally caught seafood with a glass of wine or a snack on board before exploring one of the neighboring islands. Also available for private charters, small weddings, sunset and canapes cruises and much more!

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SkyeXplorer Boat Tours

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (2)

Puffins and Whales - SkyeXplorer Boat Tours.

Puffins and seals, whales and lucky eagles are guaranteed to be seen!
We offer daily 90-minute boat trips to see the Puffin and Seal colonies in North Skye.
We also offer 3.5 hour whale watching tours (June to September).

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maritime skye

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (3)

Operating from our base at Portree Pier, Skye Seafari offers fast rib tours.

All our excursions depart from the pontoon at Portree Pier, right next to the RNLI station and we offer a range of excursions on our Humber Quinquari inflatable boats to explore the islands and coastlines of the amazing North and East of Skye and the USA can beautiful islands of Raasay and Rona.

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(Video) Misty Isle Boat Trips | Loch Coruisk + Cuillins on ISLE OF SKYE

Skye Marina | boat trips

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (4)

Join Skye Marine for a truly unforgettable cruise from our own pontoon on the shores of Loch Greshornish, Edinbane, en route to Dunvegan Castle from Portree.

You'll sail to Loch Greshornish and then Loch Snizort and depending on the time of year, you'll have a great chance of seeing puffins, dolphins, porpoises, minke whales, fur seals, sea eagles and even otters. We also offer fishing trips with rod and equipment rentals.

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sailing yacht breeze

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (5)

We offer 3 hour boat trips aboard our 40ft yacht.

We meet him at Portree Harbor and sail out into the bay to look for wildlife such as seals and dolphins. A little further on in the Sound of Raasay you can enjoy a glass of Prosecco, savor smoked salmon and other local delicacies whilst enjoying views of the Cuillins and the Isle of Raasay. Full-day tours are also available, including a visit to Raasay and its distillery.

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AquaXplore boat trips

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (6)

AquaXplore: Exciting Wildlife and Touring Adventures!

Visit the beautiful and remote islets of Canna, Rum, Eigg, Soay and Loch Coruisk/the Cuillins. Breathtaking scenery, unique history and abundant wildlife: regular sightings of minke whales, basking sharks, seals, dolphins, porpoises, sea eagles, puffins and many other seabirds. Informative commentary from your captain/guide

Daily boat trips (April to October). 1.5-hour to full-day tours - registration required.
Some guest comments: "amazing" "absolutely fantastic" "excellent!"

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Stardust Boat Tours

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (7)

(Video) Cruise ship ! Elsa and Anna toddlers on the boat - Barbie is captain - vacation - pool - water fun

Boat trips from Portree:The specialists in fauna and white-tailed eagles.

Stardust Boat Trips operate out of Portree Harbor and can almost guarantee wildlife viewing. Specializing in close proximity to the amazing sea eagle and regular sightings of seals, dolphins and whales.
In the summer we offer fast rides on semi-rigids that we use in ourSkye Whale Trailwhere we look for whales off the coast.
Book your Stardust Boat Tour for an unforgettable experience!

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Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (8)

Offering fishing boats, wildlife tours and private boat tours, the Spirit of Adventure is the perfect way to get out on the water.

Based on Kyle of Lochalsh from Skye Bridge, but happy to catch Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye.
Book your cruise to explore the sea around the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland.

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Bella Jane Boat Tours

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (9)

Visit the world famous Loch Coruisk and seal colony in the heart of Skye's spectacular Cuillin Mountains.

Sail by Elgol Jetty on the Bella Jane, a comfortable, modern and sophisticated passenger ship. Choose 1½, 3, 4½ hours or more on land to experience this majestic desert, then sail back to Elgol for an unforgettable journey.
Also available: shorter cruises without disembarkation and one-way trips for hikers.
Daily boat trips (April to October) and tours from November to March. Free soft drinks included.

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The Journeys of the Calum Seals

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (10)

Join us in Plockton and experience a different kind of wildlife cruising with our exclusive 'free if no seals' guarantee.

You'll receive a warm and friendly welcome from our experienced and knowledgeable captain and crew, great feedback that adults and kids alike will love.

(Video) Our SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS tour went wrong | ISLE OF SKYE day trip from INVERNESS

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Ir a St. Kilda

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (11)

Day trips by boat from Skye to St Kilda, the last North West outpost of Europe which is 85 miles west of Skye.
St Kilda is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a National Conservation Area. It is home to the world's largest colony of gannets and northern fulmars. Also the UK's largest puffin colony, with the highest cliffs and sea mounds in Britain.

Visit St Kilda for spectacular scenery, spectacular seabirds and unique seclusion to reflect on its moving history.

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Skye-Marina | Angelausflüge

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (12)

If you wish to catch your own dinner whilst surrounded by the stunning scenery of Loch Snizort, our skippers will use their local knowledge to take you to some of our best fishing spots.

In addition to longer fishing boats, we also offer our popular 2-hour fishing trips, which include rod and tackle rentals.
Don't worry if you've never fished before, our skipper will take care of you. At least 2 people.

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Viajes Raasay RIB

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (13)

Come aboard our 'Arctura' RIB for a short trip or an unforgettable day!

Our fast boat is the best way to travel around Raasay, Rona or further afield in style and spot otters, dolphins, sea eagles and even the occasional minke whale! As well as wildlife tours, we offer hop-on and hop-off between Sconser, Portree, Kyle of Lochalsh and Raasay.

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Dunvegan Robbenbootstouren

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (14)

(Video) The Skye Boat Song (lyrics) - Outlander (theme song) - feat. Kathryn Jones/Raya Yarbrough

Something for everyone - Dunvegan Loch cruises, fishing trips and seal trips.

Hire one of our traditional slag boats and enjoy a romantic cruise on Loch Dunvegan with spectacular views of the Outer Hebrides, or take a fishing trip where our boatmen's unrivaled knowledge will ensure you don't come back empty handed. Alternatively, take an exhilarating 25-minute boat ride to the local seal colony and get up close and personal with these playful marine mammals. You may see egrets, terns and even the white tailed eagle!

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Glenelg Ferry

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (15)

Travel across the sea to Skye on Scotland's last rotating ferry.
The Glenelg Ferry crosses the Kylerhea Narrows at the original crossing point between Skye and the mainland.

The scenery is breathtaking, the wildlife is fascinating (seals, otters, white-tailed eagles, all kinds of seabirds) and you can stop by our lighthouse for coffee with cookies, souvenirs of your trip and information tourist.

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Boat trips on the misty island

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (16)

A warm Highland welcome awaits you from Seumas MacKinnon and crew aboard Misty Isle. Embark on the Misty Isle of the Elgol Jetty for an unforgettable journey to spectacular Loch Coriusk.

Keep an eye out for dolphins, basking sharks, whales and seals. You might also get lucky and see golden eagles or even the elusive white-tailed eagle. Plenty of time on land to explore the countryside or just take in the scenery, followed by a welcome cup of tea on your return journey.

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Atlântida Marine Probe

Boat trips Skye | Short trips | travel days (17)

Scotland's ONLY semi-submersible glass bottom boat trip. Family business founded in 1998.

Operating in the Lochalsh Special Marine Conservation Area. See seals, otters, porpoises, the occasional dolphin, seabirds, incredible scenery and stunning underwater views of the kelp forest teeming with marine life.


Some excursions include a WWII shipwreck and a working salmon farm. All tours are guided. Restrooms and drinks available. For all ages.
Fun and informative.

Open 7 days, Easter - October 31st.

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