Captain Birdseye, a happy stray goldfish rescued from a hungry seagull in the GSPCA vault (2023)

Captain Birdseye, a happy stray goldfish rescued from a hungry seagull in the GSPCA vault (1)

Last week a large goldfish was rescued from a hungry seagull.

The goldfish was rescued near Gibauderie and is doing well at the GSPCA despite his injuries.

Yvonne Chauvel, Senior Animal Care Assistant, said: "We are asked to help all types of animals, but it is rare that we are asked to help a goldfish that has been left in a bucket and is being attacked by a seagull .”

"We have named him Captain Birdseye and despite his injuries he is doing well and if we don't find his owners within the next 3 weeks we will be looking for a home for him."

Steve Byrne, manager of the GSPCA said: "Captain Birdseye is a very lucky goldfish."

"If it wasn't so big, they probably would have eaten it."

"It's amazing how many animals we at the GSPCA rescue and help and we will soon be celebrating 150 years of animal welfare in Guernsey and helping us celebrate GSPCA Purple Month in February and all of the ways you are helping us know how to celebrate over the years . .“

For a Captain Birdseye YouTube VT check out

To download the adoption application, please click on:

For a dog adoption application form, click here

For a cat adoption application form, click here

An entry form for rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, reptiles and all other species can be found here %20or%20Guinea% 20Pig %29 .doc

After filling out the form, send an email to[email protected]or send a message to GSPCA, Rue des Truchots, St Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8UD and a member of staff will call you to discuss the animals in our care

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For more information please call 01481 257261 or email[email protected].

Steve continued, "There are many ways you can support our vital 24/7 work and donate or fundraise for the hundreds of animals in our care."

"With over 100 hedgehogs, 5 baby seals, dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, fish, reptiles and many birds, we help over 3,000 animals to pass through the gates every year."

"If you support our Amazon Wishlist and would like to see lists of items we use every day and things we demand."

"If you need help with wish list items please call 01481 25721 or email[email protected]or the easiest way to see many items we need is to go to our Amazon Wishlist“

“We encourage purchasing items locally, but shopping online can help raise funds, while if you select the GSPCA through a simple fundraiser, a portion of the money goes back to the GSPCA from thousands of online retailers and over 2,500 brings in £.

“To sign up for this, visit“

"Unfortunately, Amazon Smile does not allow Guernsey charities to apply, but you can complete a simple fundraiser to receive the same donation."

"As mentioned, you can always donate through local stores and the Amazon Wishlist is a showcase showing some of the items we need, but there are many more and we post them on our Wishlist page." .“

"A gift from a small bowl costing less than £1 to a £600 intensive care unit, any donation is greatly appreciated and really puts a smile on the face of the team that there are people who care about our work and want to support them.”

“Another amazing way to support our work is as little as a few pounds a month, which can make a huge difference in helping the animals in our care. For more information, see“

“To donate, you can go“

“Something for your diaries: We're hosting a Puffin Parade this year and sponsoring a 4ft Puffin with the GSPCA and Autism Guernsey. Go to: -

"We couldn't do so much without your support."


Donate by phone on 01481 257261, by post to GSPCA, Rue des Truchots, St Andrews, Guernsey GY6 8UD or online

The GSPCA celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2023

In February, the GSPCA kicks off GSPCA Purple Month in which we begin our 150th Anniversary celebrations and for more information see

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A gift like this to the GSPCA ensures that our animals and those of Guernsey always have someone to protect them. For more information please

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**Possibly 11:00 to 16:00**

**Possibly 11:00 to 16:00**


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Upcoming events we are at and need your help -

wednesday 11aJanuary 2023 - Volunteer Induction Evening

So here is the current guide to Events 2023, our 150ayear so far -

1S t– 28aFebruary - GSPCA Purple Month - time to celebrate 150 years of GSPCA - is also Responsible Animal Care Month

wednesday 8aFebruary 2023 - Volunteer Induction Night

GSPCA Foundation Day Tuesday 14thaFebruary 2023 - GSPCA Canine First Aid Course

Wednesday the 15thaFebruary 2023 - GSPCA Cat First Aid Course

wednesday 22Dakota do NorteFebruary 2023 - National Wildlife Day

Thursday the 23rdthird partyFebruary - International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

wednesday 29aMarch 2023 - Volunteer Induction Night

March 2023 - Adopt a month of rescued guinea pigs

Friday the 3rdthird partyMarch 2023 - World Animal Day

18a- 19aMarch 2023 GSPCA have a stand with Guernsey Arts and Guernsey Museums for 'Guernsey's Wild Escape', part of Art Fund UK's 'The Wild Escape' initiative

wednesday 22Dakota do NorteMarch - International Seal Day

Thursday the 23rdthird partyMarch 2023 - National Puppy Day

April 2023 – Virtual Easter animal exhibition

Domino 2Dakota do NorteApril - National Ferret Day

martes 4aApril 2023 - World Rat Day

March 25aApril 2023 – Weltpinguintag

GSPC150aSpring Ball - Date to be confirmed

April 2022 Autism Guernsey and GSPCA Puffin Parade launch - Date to be confirmed

April 2023 - AUG - Date to be confirmed

May 2023 - International Chicken Respect Month

7aMai 2023 EDABL Sonntag Paseo Marítimo

Friday the 12thaMay to Friday 19aCom GSPCA 150aAno-Cupcake-Woche

Domino 21S tMay 2023 150 Show moreaEnd of year festivities and animal welfare Domingo Paseo Marítimo

March 23third partyMay 2023 International Turtle Day

March 30aMay - International Hug Your Cat Day

Wednesday the 31stS tMay 2023 - Volunteer Induction Evening

June 2023 - National Microchip Month

June 2023 - 150aYear Sponsored Tour - Date to be confirmed

4aJuni 2023 Arts Promenade Sonntag

Summer 2023 – family Sunday dinner in summer

Wednesday the 14thaJune 2023 - World Sea Turtle Day

Domino 25aJuni 2023: Guernsey-Charity-Party

25aJune 2023 EDABL Sunday Paseo Marítimo

Friday the 23rdthird partyJune 2023 - Bring Your Dog to Work Day

June 26auntil July 3rdthird party2023 - National Rabbit Week

Wednesday the 12thaJuly 2023 - Volunteer Induction Night

Domino 16aJuly 2023 - World Snake Day

6aAugust 2023 EDABL Sonntag Paseo Marítimo

13aAugust 2023 EDABL Sonntag Paseo Marítimo

Monday the 14thaAugust 2023 – Welteidechsentag

August 2023 – Westernshow

August 2023 – North Show

September 2023 - World Animal Remembrance Month

24aSetiembre 2023 St Johns Ambulance Seafront Sunday

Wednesday the 13thaSeptember 2023 - Volunteer Induction Evening

October 2023 - World Animal Month

wednesday 4aOctober 2023 - World Animal Day

wednesday 25aOctober 2023 - Volunteer Induction Evening

wednesday 8aNovember 2023 - GSPCA First Aid Course for Dogs

Wednesday the 15thaNovember 2023 - GSPCA Cat First Aid Course

wednesday 22Dakota do NorteNovember 2023 - Volunteer Induction Evening

Montag 4aDecember 2023 - World Animal Day

Many other events and dates will be added to be confirmed and if you have any events or ideas to celebrate our 150th anniversary please contact us…………..


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