Kennington Oval cricket ground pitch report, Maches Records (2023)

In this article, we will talk about the Kennington Oval Cricket Stadium pitch report as per all Test, ODI and T20I cricket formats. You will also be told about pitch and ground conditions in detail, match records of all forms of cricket, match records, average Test innings scores, ODIs, T20I matches, bowling factor and records. of victories.

The oval at Kennington, England is a place steeped in sporting history, including the site of the first Test match on English soil, a game in which WG Grace scored a historic century in England's 1880 victory over Australia. The Oval is known as the birthplace of the legend of the Ashes. The great Sir Donald Bradman played his last Test innings.

The English have a tradition of hosting the final Test match of a series or the entire season at The Oval. The Kennington Oval cricket ground holds the record for hosting the most Test matches. This stadium was founded in 1845 and in 1880 England and Australia played the first test match here. The stadium can accommodate 25,500 visitors at a time. Work to increase capacity continues. The stadium is owned by the Surrey County Cricket Club.

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Field report at the Kennington Oval Cricket Stadium

The story goes that this pitch gives hitters a lot. Hitters can easily put a big score on the scoreboard. Along with England's 903 and Australia's 701, there are several high team totals on the Oval field. We can say that the Oval never disappoints scouts.

But this terrain is not always friendly. The pitchers also dominated the field and made the team score low. As England has unpredictable weather, there is no telling who could dominate the match, the batting team or the bowling team. Usually in test matches or ODI matches, the teams want to bat first.

Test field report at Kennington Stadium

Bounce rate report and test email:

In the early innings, the pitch is ideal for batsmen, so the team that wins the toss at Kennington Oval cricket ground usually opts to bat for a high score. Fast players don't get much support. But the previous day's collapse pushed things forward by three and a quarter innings. The spinning pitchers are starting to make sharp turns and the hitters are starting to struggle.

If there are no county games on the field for several months, some grass can grow on the surface to support the pacers. The course is reputed to be the fastest track. But county games are always played in Kennington, so the pitch is always bare.

If the weather is cloudy, the fast pitchers will get help and it will be difficult for the hitters.

here are the last 5the test corresponds to the average gradeand the 4 innings at Kennington Oval Ground:

  • The test matches the average score of the first round: 357 runs
  • 2nd Innings Average Score Test Matches – 276 Runs
  • Third Innings Average Score Test Matches – 320 Runs
  • Test matches Fourth innings scoring average: 286 runs

As hitting becomes more difficult towards the end of the game, the scoring in the first inning plays a key role. When bowling these decks, the dry lane and flat deck help players succeed in the third and fourth innings.

Record Test wins at Kennington Oval Stadium:

In the last 5 test matches played here, the team that won first won four matches and only one match was won by the team that won second.

Kennington Oval Stadium ODI Field Report

ODI Match Pitch Report και Toss Factor:

As it is a batting ground, teams who win the toss in an ODI at The Oval generally prefer to bowl first. In total 73 matches were played here, 30 teams won first, 40 teams won second and 3 matches were canceled due to weather. The cast slows down on the second turn as time goes by, making it easier for casters to finish the chase.

here are the last 5ODI corresponds to the mean scorefrom both shifts at Kennington Oval Ground:

  • Average ODI Score 1st Innings Matches – 308 runs
  • The average ODI score is for the second innings: 265.4 runs

The slope condition is similar to testing in ODI. In the last five games, four teams have won first. The average is also better in the first innings.

Record ODI wins at Kennington Oval Stadium:

In the last five games played here, 4 games were won by teams that scored first.

Kennington Oval Stadium Field Report T20I

T20I Match Pitch Report και Toss Factor:

If you have very strong hitters on your team, you don't have to think about pitching. The terrain is easy to hit, so a big score can be achieved and a big score chased. T20I matches are played at night or day-night. The freshness of the field makes it more difficult for pitchers to control the ball in the second inning, which offers a huge advantage for power pitchers.

The comparison of 16 T20I game statistics cannot lead to final results. Here, 9 teams won first and the rest second.

here are the last 5T20I corresponds to the mean scorefrom both shifts at Kennington Oval Ground:

  • T20I matches First innings average score: 156 runs
  • T20I matches 2nd innings average score: 147 runs

From the averages of the last 5 T20I matches, it is evident that the average score of the first round is only slightly higher than that of the second round.

Una victoria T20I Match Record no Kennington Oval Stadium:

In the last five T20I matches played here, the 1st bowling team won 2 matches and the 1st batting team won only 3 matches.

Ground and pitch conditions at Kennington Oval Stadium

The surface is brown with a greenish effect and flat, suitable for hitters and spin shooters. The field is more level, a useful batting condition, and an average score of over 400 is normal in Test matches. There is also an additional zipper for pacers and it is possible to turn and jump depending on the weather. The flat pitch encourages batting in Test and ODI matches, with winning teams liking to bat first.

In the third and fourth innings of Test matches, spin bowlers can help reduce the chasing because the flat pitch and pad damage help on tight spins. In the case of T20I matches, power hitters can make the game exciting.

Kennington oval step limit length:

The stadium has two ends, the Vauxhall End and the Pavillion End. The distance from midfield to the boundary is approximately 67m and 70m offside, 68m at the Vauxhall end and 66m at the Pavillion end.

Games record at Kennington Oval Stadium

Here we will share the results and scorecards of the last 5 games played in all formats at Kennington Oval Stadium. This, in addition to the detailed pitch and ground conditions report explained above, will help you understand pitch behavior in all four innings of Test matches and both innings in the case of ODI and T20I matches.

test mail files

A total of 102 Test matches have been played at the stadium between 1880 and 2019. India has played 13 Test matches at the stadium but have never won any match.

Record of the last 5 test matches:

Test match 1: England v Australia on 12 September 2019
Result: England won by 135 runs.


  • Inglaterra First Innings – 294 corridas All out (87,1 overs)
  • Australia First Innings – 225 corridas All out (68,5 overs)
  • England second innings: 329 total runs (95.3 overs)
  • Australia second innings: 263 runs All out (77 overs)

Test Match 2: England v India on 7th September 2018
Result: England won by 118 runs.


  • Inglaterra First Innings – 332 corridas All out (122 overs)
  • India First Innings – 292 corridas All out (95 over)
  • Second entry from England – 423/8d (112.3 balances)
  • Indian second innings: 343 total runs (94.3 plus)

Test Match 3: England v South Africa on 27th July 2017
Result: England won by 239 runs.


  • Inglaterra First Innings – 353 corridas All out (103,2 overs)
  • South Africa First Innings: 175 Runs All out (58.4 overs)
  • England second inning – 313/8d (79.5 overs)
  • South Africa second innings: 252 runs All out (77.1 overs)

Test Match 4: England v Pakistan on 11 August 2016
Result: Pakistan won by 10 wickets.


  • Inglaterra First Innings – 328 corridas All out (76,4 overs)
  • Pakistani first innings: 542 total runs (146 overs)
  • England second innings: 253 total runs (79.2 overs)
  • Pakistan Second Innings: 42/0 (13.1 overs)

Test Match 5: England v Australia on August 20, 2015
Result: Australia won by one innings and 46 runs.


  • Australia First Innings – 481 corridas All out (125,1 overs)
  • Inglaterra First Innings – 149 corridas All out (48,4 overs)
  • England second innings (F/O) – 286 careers All out (101.4 overs)

ODI Match Records

A total of 73 One Day International matches were played at this ground from 1973 to 2019. India played 14 matches here out of which we won 6 and lost 7. 1 match was abandoned.

Record of last 5 ODI matches:

ODI Match 1: Sri Lanka v Australia on June 15, 2019
Result: Australia won by 87 runs.


  • 1st innings – AUS 334/7 (50 overs)
  • 2η Innings – SL 247 ejecutados All out (45,5 over)

ODI Match 2: India v Australia on June 9, 2019
Result: India won by 36 runs.


  • 1st shift – IND 325/5 (50 balances)
  • 2η innings: AUS 316 runs All out (over 50)

ODI Match 3: Bangladesh v New Zealand on June 5, 2019
Result:New Zealand won by 2 wickets.


  • 1η tickets: BD 244 sells out (over 49.2)
  • 2η innings – NZ 248/8 (47.1 plus)

ODI Match 4: Bangladesh v South Africa on June 2, 2019
Result: Bangladesh won by 21 runs.


  • 1st entry – BD 330/6 (50 balances)
  • Round 2 – SA 309/8 (50 overs)

ODI Match 5: England v South Africa on May 30, 2019
Result: England won by 104 runs.


  • 1ra ronda – ENG 311/8 (50 overs)
  • 2η Innings – SA 207 runs All Out (39.5 plus)

T20I game record

A total of 16 T20I international matches have been played at this ground from 2007 to 2014. India has not played any T20I matches at The Oval.

Record of the last 5 T20I matches:

T20I Match 1: England v Sri Lanka 20th May 2014
Result: Sri Lanka won by 9 runs.


  • 1st entry – SL 183/7 (20 balances)
  • 2da ronda – ENG 174/7 (20 overs)

T20I Match 2: England v New Zealand 22 May 2013
Result: No results.


  • 1st innings – NZ 2/1 (0.2 overs)
  • 2η Entries -

T20I Match 3: England v New Zealand 25 June 2013
Result: New Zealand won by 5 runs


  • 1st innings – NZ 201/4 (20 balances)
  • 2ª ronda – ENG 196/5 (20 overs)

T20I Match 4: England v West Indies 25th September 2011
Result: West Indies won by 25 runs.


  • 1st innings – WI 113/5 (20 overs)
  • 2η innings – ENG 88 runs All out (16.4 more)

T20I Match 5: England v West Indies 23rd September 2011
Result: England won by 10 wickets.


  • 1η Innings – WI 125 corridas All out (19,4 over)
  • 2η innings – ENG 128/0 (over 15.2)

IND vs ENG 4th Kennington Oval Proving Ground Exhibition

It is a great batting wicket so batsmen will find it easy to score runs here. The spinners will come into play from the third day of the test match. The winning records clearly indicate that in the last 5 Tests, the first team won 4 games, so the team that won the toss will want to bat first and put a good score on the board.


What is the test record at the Kennington Oval Stadium? ›

In Tests, the highest team score at The Oval is 903/7 declared by England against Australia on 20 August 1938. The leading run scorers are Len Hutton (1,521 runs), Alastair Cook (1,217 runs) and Graham Gooch (1,097 runs).

What is the record of The Oval London cricket ground? ›

18888 runs scored by 20608 delivered balls in total 40 ODI matches (with both innings runs) and per match runs average is 472.20 & strike rate is 91.6 . Highest score for ODI is 398 & Lowest score is 80 on Kennington Oval.

Is oval a batting pitch? ›

Kennington Oval Stadium ODI Pitch Report

Because it is a batting pitch, teams who win the toss in an ODI at Oval normally prefer to bowl first. In the 73 total matches played here, 30 teams won batting first, 40 teams won batting second, and 3 match was called off due to weather.

Is the London oval batting or bowling pitch? ›

Is Kennington Oval Ground Batting Or Bowling Pitch? Pitch of the Oval ground, as previously mentioned, is excellent for batting from the first three days. “Historically it's a drier surface that bounces and carries a little bit, which can assist the ball scuff up, which everyone knows helps it reverse.

What was the highest score on the Test? ›

Records for Test Matches
England903/7dv Australia
England849v West Indies
West Indies790/3dv Pakistan
Pakistan765/6dv Sri Lanka
50 more rows

What is the most wickets to fall on day 1 of a Test? ›

England vs Australia and Australia vs West Indies (22)

22 wickets fell in the first Test between England and Australia at The Oval in 1890.

Where is the largest cricket stadium in the world? ›

Narendra Modi Stadium - Biggest Stadium in the world and India. The Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad is the biggest cricket stadium in the world. Spread across 63 acres, it is the only cricket stadium in the world to have 4 player dressing rooms and 11 center pitches.

Where is the biggest cricket ground? ›

Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad

Earlier known as Sardar Patel Stadium and Motera Stadium, this is the largest cricket stadium in India and the biggest cricket stadium in the world after Melbourne Cricket Stadium.

Where is the oldest cricket pitch in England? ›

The pretty village of Hartley Wintney is home to The Cricketers public house, which dates back to the 18th Century. The pub overlooks the village cricket green and is the oldest, continually played cricket pitch and club in England.

Which type of pitch is difficult for batting? ›

The dead pitch in cricket is meant for a limited-overs cricket match, not suitable for test cricket. A dead pitch is without grass and moisture. The terrain makes it harder to take wickets and the batters set records in scoring runs.

Is oval straight or curved? ›

An oval (from Latin ovum 'egg') is a closed curve in a plane which resembles the outline of an egg.

Is oval a straight line? ›

An oval shape is a 2D closed geometric shape with no straight lines or vertices. It is a curved figure with one flat face that resembles the shape of an egg.

Is Kensington Oval a batting or bowling pitch? ›

Batting teams that win the toss in an ODI at Oval generally choose to bowl first since it is a batting surface.

What is the white line on a cricket pitch called? ›

In the sport of cricket, the crease is a certain area demarcated by white lines painted or chalked on the field of play, and pursuant to the rules of cricket they help determine legal play in different ways for the fielding and batting side. They define the area within which the batsmen and bowlers operate.

How do you know if its batting pitch or bowling pitch? ›

A bowler-friendly pitch can force the batsmen to return to the pavilion in each delivery whereas a batting pitch can stop a bowler from continuing his spell. A pitch when starts behaving equally for both batsman and bowler, it is considered a good pitch, and this type of pitches make the match quite interesting.

Has anyone scored 500 runs in test? ›

Ex-Windies captain Brian Lara scored 501*(427) in a county match in 1994, becoming the first and the only player to score 500-plus runs in an innings in professional cricket. Lara hit 62 fours and 10 sixes during his innings, while representing Warwickshire against Durham.

Who can score 400 in test? ›

As of January 2023, the cricket player that holds the record for the highest individual score in international test match cricket is Brian Lara of the West Indies. The legendary batsman scored a record-breaking 400 not out against England in 2004.

Has any team scored 1000 in test? ›

Highest 1st innings score in Test cricket: The England team that almost scored 1000 runs. Team India are sixth on the list of teams with the highest 1st innings score in Test cricket. The England cricket team holds the record for the highest 1st innings score in Test cricket.

Who has 10,000 Test runs and 50 wickets? ›

With his last wicket, the 31-year-old became only the third player in Test cricket history to have scored 10,000 runs and taken 50 wickets. Jacques Kallis and Steve Waugh were the only other players to have accomplished this feat before Root. Root has 10629 Test runs and 50 Test wickets to his name.

How many wickets can you lose? ›

As there are eleven members of each cricket team and there must always be two batsmen in the middle at any one time, once a side has lost ten wickets they are 'all out' and their turn batting – known as an innings – is over.

Which player scored most runs in a day in Test cricket? ›

Records for Test Matches
DG Bradman2710
V Sehwag25752*
DG Bradman2440
DA Warner2440
51 more rows

Which seat is best in cricket stadium? ›

Best is behind the wickets on both sides... check the exact stand name when the seat map is published... For IPL/T20 matches, any place is good :) Helpful?

What is the biggest stadium in America? ›

Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor

Nicknamed 'The Big House', the Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan is the premier sports venue for the University of Michigan. The largest stadium in the USA, the Michigan Stadium mainly hosts American football college matches.

Which is the biggest cricket stadium in the world with history? ›

The MCG in Melbourne, Australia

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (aka the MCG) is the largest stadium in the world, with capacity for 100,000 spectators. The first-ever Test match in cricket history (between Australia and England) took place at this mammoth stadium in 1877.

How many cricket grounds are there in the US? ›

Currently, there are at least 34 cricket stadiums in USA (including grounds, parks, etc.), two of which have been certified by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and 24 local cricket grounds are being used by Minor League Cricket teams. Additionally, five more upcoming stadiums are currently being planned.

Which is the highest cricket ground in the world in India? ›

Encircled by enormous deodar, Chail Cricket Ground is the highest cricket ground in the world. Built in the year 1893, this ground is also used as polo ground, located at the height of around 2,144m. It rests 7500 feet above sea level and is known as one of the famous cricket stadiums in India.

What is the cricket field called? ›

Outdoor cricket is played on an oval grass field. In the centre there is a flat strip of ground called the pitch.

Which is the oldest cricket ground in USA? ›

Staten Island Cricket Club
OwnerNew York City
Broke ground1886
5 more rows

Is cricket still big in England? ›

Around 65% population of England follow Cricket.

Where is the oldest cricket club in the world? ›

Mitcham Cricket Club is reported by The Independent to be the oldest cricket club in existence, with the club having played cricket on Mitcham Cricket Green since 1685. The club was reportedly watched by Lord Nelson during his time in the area.

What type of pitch is easiest to hit? ›

Four-Seam Fastball

This is usually the easiest pitch to throw for a strike. If released properly, four laces of the ball rotate through the air, helping to keep the throw in line with the target.

What does a green cricket pitch mean? ›

A natural pitch with grass longer or more moist than usual is described as a green pitch, green top, or green seamer. This favours the bowler over the batter as the ball can be made to behave erratically on longer or wet grass.

What is harder pitching or hitting? ›

Pitching mechanics are harder than hitting mechanics. In order to throw hard, you need to have elite pitching mechanics. In order to become an elite level baseball player, you need to throw hard.

Is oval the strongest shape? ›

There are several shapes that are used when strength is important. The arc (think: circle) is the strongest structural shape, and in nature, the sphere is the strongest 3-d shape.

What is a 3d oval called? ›

The three-dimensional version of an oval is called an ovoid.

How many degrees is an oval? ›

The maximum length of an arc is 23,040, or 360 degrees, which would make an entire oval or circle. The minimum length is 2,304, or 36 degrees, one-tenth the circumference of a circle.

Is an oval considered round? ›

An oval is an elongated shape that is round and has no sides or corners. It is closely related to a circle shape, but it appears more stretched-out and is not evenly curved.

What is the record for most runs in a Test day? ›

The most runs scored in a day during a Test match is 588 at Old Trafford, Manchester, UK on 27 Jul 1936 when England added 398 and India were 190 for 0 in their second innings by the close.

Who has scored the most runs at No 8 in Test? ›

No.8 - Daniel Vettori (2,227 runs)

Quite honestly, it's a shame that Vettori played 40% of his Test career at No.

Who scored most runs in one Test session? ›

Records for Test Matches
GA Gooch333456
MA Taylor334*426
KC Sangakkara319424
BC Lara400*400
51 more rows

Who scored most runs in one Test inning? ›

BC Lara 400*

What is the lowest score in Test cricket history? ›

Records for Test Matches
TeamScoreMatch Date
Australia6328 Aug 1882
Zimbabwe6316 Mar 2000
England6410 Feb 1978
New Zealand65
51 more rows

Has anyone scored 500 runs in Test? ›

Ex-Windies captain Brian Lara scored 501*(427) in a county match in 1994, becoming the first and the only player to score 500-plus runs in an innings in professional cricket. Lara hit 62 fours and 10 sixes during his innings, while representing Warwickshire against Durham.

Has any team scored 500 runs in a day 1 of a Test match? ›

England cricket team is the only side to score 500+ runs on Day 1 of a Test match.

Who can score 50 runs in 6 balls? ›

The fastest fifty of the T20I cricket was scored by former Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh against England during ICC World Twenty20 at Durban, on September 19, 2007. Additionally, Yuvraj Singh holds a record to score 6 sixes in an over, which consists of 6 balls.

Who is the best batsman in the world in cricket history? ›

Sachin Tendulkar (India) When talking about the world's No. 1 batsman, we cannot proceed without mentioning Sachin Tendulkar, one of the best cricket players in the entire cricket fraternity. In the cricket world, there is only one God of Cricket, and that is Sachin Tendulkar.

Who scored most runs in 100 innings in Test? ›

1D G Bradman29
2Mohammad Yousuf24
3I V A Richards24
30 more rows

Who has the most wickets in cricket history? ›

Without any debate, Muttiah Muralitharan is the greatest and highest wicket taker in test cricket. With 800 wickets under his belt, Muttiah has undoubtedly proven to be an exceptional performer. He also holds the record for most wickets in ODI (534). It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call Muttiah the God of Bowling.

Has a team ever scored 1,000 runs in a Test? ›

Highest 1st innings score in Test cricket: The England team that almost scored 1000 runs. Team India are sixth on the list of teams with the highest 1st innings score in Test cricket. The England cricket team holds the record for the highest 1st innings score in Test cricket.

Who was the first man to score 10000 runs in test cricket? ›

The correct answer is 'Sunil Gavaskar'. Sunil Gavaskar was the first batsman to score 10,000 runs in international test cricket.

What is the most runs scored by one player in a game? ›

The record for most runs scored by a player in a single game is 7, set by Guy Hecker of the American Association's Louisville Colonels on August 15, 1886. The modern-day record of 6 is shared by fourteen players (eight of whom attained it before 1900).

Who scored most runs in innings without 100? ›

The highest inning total not to contain a century is India's 524/9 against New Zealand at Kanpur in 1976/77. The highest score in the inning was not even 75. There were six individual half-centuries and the highest score was 70 by Mohinder Amarnath.


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